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Lex van der Helm

EU Commissions PM² Lead Trainer & Chief examiner PM² Group

As PM² Pedagogical manager Lex is responsible for maintaining the highest professional standard delivered to all institutions and agencies.

Laurent Kummer

PM kube | PM² Guru

Co-Author PM² v2.5 and Editor in Chief of PM² Guide v3.
Project Manager to the bone.
Using PM² daily.


What is the PM² Methode?

PM² is the umbrella under which we find the European Commission’s methodologies for managing (agile) projects, programmes and portfolios. The core is a strong yet lightweight methodology for managing projects suitable for medium to large projects in any domain. Initially developed for internal projects with the European Commission, PM² has since developed into a mature approach currently used by most European Agencies and Institutions within the European Union and increasingly by other national public service organisations across Europe. One of the distinguishing traits of PM² is the emphasis on not only the process side but also the necessary mindset for successful project management.