There are many benefits to joining a membership organization. Some of the main benefits include access to exclusive resources and information, networking opportunities with other members, discounts on products and services, and a sense of community and support. Additionally, being a member of a professional organization can also help to enhance your credibility and reputation in your field. It can also provide opportunities for professional development, such as training and workshops, as well as access to industry-specific news and updates.

Joining this Consortium can provide you with these benefits amoungst others! 

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CertN is an independent examination center that specializes in professional certifications. We specialize in digital proctored exams and have played a crucial role in certifying talent worldwide.

Van Haren Learning Solutions

Van Haren Learning Solutions is a certification organization for a variety in best practices. We are continuously looking to innovate and exchange knowledge within the IT & IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management and Project Management sectors.