The Master of Growth Certification Council

The Master of Growth consortium has established a certification council that provides advice on content-related matters and is responsible for auditing the Master of Growth certification.


The Certification Council is an independent panel of Master of Growth and education experts representing different industries and interests.

Council members are selected from member organizations of the Master of Growth consortium. Based on their experience, network, and contributions to Growth Hacking.

Bart de Lege

Architect Growth Hacking Master of Growth program​

Ward van Gasteren

Growth Consultant | Systematically grow now and for years to come

Ivo van Haren

CEO and founder of Van Haren Publishing

Ivo van Haren is founder and CEO of Van Haren Publishing. Van Haren publishing is world’s leading publisher in best practices, frameworks and standards in Project Management. 

Jonard Rood

Growth Strategy and Implementation | Strengthen Results, Team and Process | Accelerating your growth ambitions